Exclusive designs directly to your toolbox.

From: Natalie Milo 

RE: The Secret Weapon Of Every Content Creator

“How you can design any photo to look the way you’ve always dreamed of in less than 2 minutes

From: Natalie Milo 

RE: The Secret Weapon Of Every Content Creator

 Without damaging the quality of the photo and without spending too much time designing it.


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Have you ever wondered how world-class bloggers, manage to upload a world class photo design every day...
That's just incredible?

Let me introduce you to their secret weapon:
Presets! - and not just ANY presets like you see a ton of online, but SPECIAL, custom-made for THEM presets.

Sometimes it seems they have a "special talent", or that there are 10 designers working for them, 24/7.

But the truth is...
It only looks that way.

Because once you have pre-made presets in your toolbox - you can save time and money and turn any of your photos into perfect in less than 2 minutes.

You just need to "copy-paste" in order to get the perfect photo


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The truth is I was exposed to presets in a somewhat strange way…

8 months ago, one of my friends sent me a stunning a bunch of stunning photos from an European stylist who used presets on her photos and asked me:

"Natalie, I spent like $300 buying tons of different presets from different places - and NONE of them look as good as that girl's". How can I get presets like she has?
Being a designer, she caught me completely off guard with this question.
And after some thought, I told to myself:
"I'm gonna create the best presets for my students to shine brighter than anyone else online!"

But how am I gonna do it?
On the first day of pursuing my new goal I decided to do this:

I made a list of 126 of THE BEST bloggers on the internet that had out of this world presets.


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Out of those 126 bloggers I filtered only 24 that had presets that I really had NO IDEA how to make.

And that's me, A DESIGNER! How the hell did they design those presets?

I opened Lightroom (a presets design program) and it stayed open on my computer for 30 days straight!

And after 30 days of a constant headache, sleepless nights and to be honest? on the edge of depression..

I came to one conclusion:
Me, Natalie Milo, a world-class designer who has one of best social presence  (at least that's what people tell me all the time) .. CAN'T DESIGN PRESETS LIKE THE TOP 24 BLOGGERS IN THE WORLD!

I've decided to put my ego aside.
I bought a comprehensive course on Lightroom costing $1,399 and:

 I spent 6 whole months in front of the computer for hours upon hours to learn the software more in depth and finally design those illusive presets

On the 181th day (the day after 6 months) I had my first world-class preset.

I went on to create about 40 presets that my students call "the best presets online". 


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Look, world-class design requires a lot of investment, time and money.

But with the exclusive designs that I made, anyone can design world-class photos for themselves, and create an aesthetic, perfect bunch of photos for themselves in a few minutes.

And now…
For the first time in the world!
I am excited to present you with:

A Web kit with over 40 pre-made designsthat will help you design any photo at the level that you've always dreamed of.

It takes less than 2 minutes to create an aesthetic and perfect bunch of photos in a flash! 

You just have to choose a perfect design and then copy and paste it to the photo you want ;)

*Zero coding or tech skills required*

Here's Just a Little Taste of What You're Getting:

Over 40 designs like -
"A Scent Of Temptation", "Forbidden Love" & "A Hidden Gem"..

..That will save you valuable time with designing, and help you reach a design level you've always dreamed of, easily:

So Here's Just A Fraction Of What You'll Get:

Preset: "London"


Preset: "Amsterdam"


Preset: "Vintage Paris"


Preset: "Summer Fling"


Preset: "Thailand On Fire"


Preset: "Maldives"


Preset: "Bronze"


Preset: "Forbidden Love"


Preset: "Heaven On Earth"


Preset: "Bright Future"


Preset: "Hidden Gem "


Preset: "The Brown Delight"


Preset: "The Chill"


Preset: "European Freedom"


And a lot more in the "ClickMagic" Webkit

(40 Presets in the package)

But That's Not All. Only If You Enroll Now You Will Also Get An  Exclusive Bonus:

A Digital Lightroom Course For Your iPhone That's Free To Use

Not one of those confusing, overwhelming courses. 
But a specific-for-your-needs one that will show you how to:

  • Do small retouches that will customise the presets in this package to quickly fit your photos
  • Create your own unique presets
  • ​Fix any prequalified preset to perfectly fit your photo
  • ​​Using your iPhone only, with no need to ever open a computer
  • ​In a fun and easy way

Normal Price is: $247

But that is not the price that you will be paying today!

Even though you can agree with me that exclusive designs
  that make any photo you take into a world-class photo in one magic click and takes your social presence to the next level is worth a lot more for you.

And yet,
Because you're my student, I want to give you a one time offer.

But you have to hurry...
For a limited time only:



Today Only $37
If You're Asking Yourself…
Will all of the classes and Presets mentioned above be in my e-mail now?
Yes, after making the secured and discrete payment, classes and the Presets will arrive in your e-mail.
Are these face-to-face meetings? I don’t want anyone to know I bought the classes.
No, these are not face-to-face meetings. These are fascinating and interesting video classes.
Is my information confidential?
 No one will know that you took interest in the classes and your information will not be delivered to anyone.
Is it complicated to using a Presets?
It really, really isn’t. You just have to choose a perfect design,
And copy paste it to the photo you want.
Does the course have an expiration date?
As soon as you register for the Click Magic, you will get immediate lifelong access to all course materials and the Presets. One Time Purchase.
Unlimited Access Forever.
What happens if I get stuck in the course and have questions?
The Click Magic Package is built as an organized and understandable program.
If you still run into something that you do not understand, don’t worry – 
As a student of the Click Magic Package, you can send me a email and i will help you :) 
How fast will I be getting the program in my e-mail after making payment?
After making the secured payment, the program will be in your e-mail in 17 seconds. You would be able to start immediately.
I paid for the program, but I can’t find it in my e-mail. Who can help me?
Sometimes the message ends up in your Promotions or Spam tabs, search for it there or simply send me a message to my personal e-mail and I’ll send it directly to you
I’m 72 years old and a technophobe without any knowledge in photography and design, is this course right for me?
The materials are explained simply and easily through practical presentations and screenshots with details explanations that can really teach you the basics, step-after-step from zero, what to click and do,
so you too could take perfect photos and design an amazing and aesthetic bunch of photos.

If I don’t have a business or a blog, is this course right for me?
Yes, the course suits almost everyone and teaches you how to shoot and design an aesthetic and perfect bunch of photos, so that you too could improve your social image.
Can this program replace Photoshop courses?
Yes, this program is basically an improved program that teaches you how to design and take photos with your mobile phone without using any other software.
How long will it take me to design my aesthetic and perfect bunch?
It mostly depends on you and on your progress,
the program provides you with all the tools you need to design it as fast and efficient as possible.

Will anyone get my information?
Not at all. The purchase is done discretely. I will never know your identity unless you send me a personal e-mail,
and I will not forward your details to anybody.
Is it at all safe to pay via credit card online?
The safest.
Not only do you get 100% protection from me,
the payment is also processed by UPAY, which developed a system that is more secure and safe than any credit payment system you’ll find in a store or place of business. 
Seriously now, is this the price for the whole program?
It is for now, but only for now.
In 24 hours, the price goes up and you will not be able to register for the same price you’re seeing right now.
And the entire program is online, right?
Yes. You’ll get personal access to a private and secured member site with all the materials, videos and instructions.
And I would be able to access it from my smartphone or tablet?
100% yes. The member site is very user-friendly with desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones and tablets of all kinds.
Are You Ready To Move Forward And Save Time And Money With The "ClickMagic" Package?

ClickMagic price is:

Normally $247

Today Only $37
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